Care Info


How to clean 

Luckily, Say Hey Jewellery is super easy to clean because it’s all waterproof! The easiest way to clean your jewellery is to soak in a bowl of gentle liquid soap and warm water. Use a soft cloth to give it a good clean and then rinse with water. Dry with a clean soft cloth to give it a good shine and stop water spots!



Our signature Say Hey jewellery boxes are the perfect place to store your jewellery safely, but any soft padded jewellery box will also do the job! Best to avoid storing with other jewellery or sharp objects that can scratch your jewellery. Although our gold PVD plating is tarnish free, it can scratch away over time from abrasion, so best to take extra special care of your pieces.


Things to avoid

To protect your stainless steel jewellery, it’s best to avoid harsh chemicals such as perfume or chlorine. We recommend taking off your jewellery before swimming in chlorinated pools. Always best to spray your perfume, let it dry, and then put on your jewellery to avoid damaging the stainless steel.