Our Materials

Stainless Steel

All Say Hey Jewellery pieces are made with stainless steel, a highly durable and waterproof material that is perfect for long lasting jewellery.

We love stainless steel because it is hypoallergenic and skin safe. This means it's perfect for sensitive skin because it won't irritate your skin or make your ears sore and itchy.

Our gold pieces are PVD coated with 18k gold. PVD coating is a vacuum coating process that creates a thicker and more durable gold layer than standard gold plating. 


Cubic Zirconia

Cubic Zirconia is a lab-created synthetic gemstone which can be clear or made in any colour. We have gorgeous clear and black cubic zirconia gemstones available, but we are looking to add new colours soon!

Clear Cubic Zirconia stones are often compared to diamonds because of their very similar appearance, but are a huge fraction of the cost!

Since Cubic Zirconia gemstones are made in a lab, they have flawless clarity, unlike other gems.


Freshwater Peals

Say Hey's gorgeous collection of pearl jewellery pieces are all crafted with genuine freshwater pearls! These pearls are all naturally grown, which means no one pearl will ever be the same. They all come in different shapes, so you'll know that your piece is special and unique to you.